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*USED* TEST DRIVE 2001 (#020295020446)

*USED* TEST DRIVE 2001 (#020295020446)


Game Title
Test Drive 2001

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

All of the action and excitement of sports car racing comes to the Game Boy Color with TEST DRIVE 2001 You can choose from 13 real world cars including the Lotus Elise Dodge Viper Jaguar XK R and a 1985 Ford Mustang and customize any of them to meet your driving style Then you can hit one of 48 tracks in 12 different locations While on the track you need to watch out for jumps shortcuts and traffic that will ram into your vehicle Try to learn all of curves of a track in a Single Race or if you are looking for extended competition try to win a Tournament For the ultimate challenge try to catch speeding criminals in the Cop Chase If your friends want to race you they can with the link cable option Get a car and lay some rubber on the street in TEST DRIVE 2001

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