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*USED* PETZ CRAZY MONKEYZ [E] (#008888174349)

*USED* PETZ CRAZY MONKEYZ [E] (#008888174349)

Game Title
Petz: Crazy Monkeyz

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

Care and play with up to 3 monkeys at a time You can breed them and create your own looking monkey with his own personality Watch them all interact together Use the Wii remotes to take your monkeys all over your house and teach him some new tricks Features Adopt the monkey s of your choice and take care of him Choose up to 3 monkeys at the adoption center from a large variety of breeds from a squirrel monkey to a gorilla Take care of a full family of monkeys at the same time Help your monkey bond with other monkeys and breed them to create unique families Cross breed two different species of monkeys to create fantastical hybrids Train your monkeys Use rewards to train your monkey and develop his personality Your monkey can be meek courageous loyal or indifferent Move the Wii remote in patterns to teach your monkey acrobatic tricks Customize your monkeys Dress them up in a variety of cute outfits Share your pet with your friends Upload your monkey to your Wii remote and bring him over to a friend s house to play with the monkeys on their Wii

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