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*USED* BOARDER ZONE [E] (#020295020323)

*USED* BOARDER ZONE [E] (#020295020323)

Game Title
Boarder Zone

Release Date

ESRB Rating
E - Everyone

BOARDER ZONE is a wild snowboarding action game for the Game Boy Color and it packs in a ton of variety for boarding aficionados Choose from four different boarders each with their own unique skills and abilities and then choose from four boards which all have different characteristics Further adding to the customizability is the ability to pick your boarder s outfit The variety doesn t stop there however six different gameplay modes are available In Race Attack mode you must beat your fellow boarders in a race to the finish Trick mode has you scoring points by performing tricks before the time runs out Time Attack has you racing the clock Challenge mode has you trying to either beat the clock or perform tricks on different courses Slalom mode will have you beating a time limit on one of a number of unique courses and Practice mode helps you brush up your skills for the real game You can also use a password to save your progress through the various gameplay modes

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