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Upcoming Events



Dev-Talk with Gary Winnick of Terrible Toybox

 DATE: Sunday June 25th

 TIME: 4 pm to 5 pm.

 Free Event. Open to all ages.

 Meet & Greet with Gary Winnick.

Adventure gaming pioneer Gary Winnick from Terrible Toybox will be our first guest in a new series of "Dev-Talk" events at Level Up Video Games. Gary will be introducing and talking about their hit new project "Thimbleweed Park".


mariokartupcomingevent.jpgMs. Pac-Man High-Score Event

DATE: July 1 to July 31st

TIME: Anytime during buss. hours.

Free Event. Open to all ages.

Prize: $50 gift card! (Other top 7 on leaderboard raffle to win $25 gift card.)

Come in anytime during July and play for your best score on Ms. Pac-Man for the PS1. The top 8 scores will be updated regularly on our Facebook page and in store.Play as many days as you want to get your highest score. (Once 30 minute session per day max.)




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