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If You Have a Spare $500k You Can Buy The Car From Final Fantasy XV

In what can only be described as a work of art, SquareEnix and Audi teamed up to design an unbelievably gorgeous car for Final Fantasy XV and its accompanying full-length CG movie, Kingsglaive. Behold the "Audi A8: The Star of Lucis."To commemorate the game's imminent release, a raffle is being held in Japan starting on [...]

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Hang Some High-End Video Game Art On Your Wall

Video games as art has been a widely accepted fact for some time now. Thanks toCook & Beckeryou can now take some of the most beautiful concept art from your favorite video games and hang them on your wall. Cook & Beckeroffer lithographs and prints from some of the top studios today: Naughty Dog, Clover, [...]

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Turn Your Keys Into Popular Videogame Swords

Do you like video games? Do you like swords? Do you have keys? Well, you're in luck, because, a new company is now offering sword-shaped, video game themed keys.The Key Armoryoffers a plethora of video game swords: The Master Sword from Zelda, KeyBlade from Kingdom Hearts, Ner'Zhul from Warcraft, or Gunblade from Final Fantasy. Additionally, [...]

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Gravity Rush 2 At TGS'16

While it may have been conspicuously absent from E3, Gravity Rush 2 is prominently featured at this year's Tokyo Game Show.If you've played the original on either Vita or PS4 you know what you are in store for, but for those of you haven't, the simplest run-down I can give is this. You play as [...]

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Resident Evil 7 At TGS'16

The Tokyo Game Show demo of Resident Evil 7 is an expanded and updated version of the E3 demo. And just like the E3 one, you can download the demo from the PlayStation store and experience it for yourself.Because of this, I don't want to go into too much detail about the demo itself; I'd [...]

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Japan Game Awards 2016

As with every Tokyo Game Show, the Japan Game Awards were given out with start of the show on Thursday. While mobile may have reigned supreme last year, console is king once again. Check out the list of winners below!Game Of The Year: Splatoon (WiiU)Designers Award: Life is Strange (PS4/PS3/PC)Excellence Awards: The Witcher 3 (PS4/XB1/PC), [...]

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The Most Under-Appreciated Games of Last Generation PART 2

A few weeks ago we shared with you a list of some of the most under-appreciated, but totally worth your time games of the previous generation. Well, it's time for Part Two!Enslaved - Odyssey to the West (PS3/360):Enslaved is a great 3rd person, action-platformer with a phenominal post-apocolytpic, science-fiction take on the classic Chinese story [...]

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Arby's Loves Video Games

Wether you love their food or hate it, we can all surely agree that Arby's Facebook pageis freaking awesome! Whoever is in charge of the marketing for Arby's social media is a massive video game fan; there are all sorts of cool things for gamers to geek-out on. Below are just a few samples, so [...]

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Nintendo Power Now Available On Internet Archive

For over 20 years, Nintendo Power was a bastion of all things Nintendo; news, previews, reviews, rumors, guides and cheat codes. Before the rise of the internet this how we got our gaming info, we waited with baited breath for our issue to arrive in the mail. Now, thanks to the power of The Internet [...]

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Lost In Localization: Dragon Power (NES)

In 1987 Bandai released a game called Dragon Power for the NES. This kung-fu themed action game featured a story in which a young boy is tasked with gathering crystalballs in order to summon a dragon that will grant his wish. He is helped on his quest by a young girl, along with an old [...]

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